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27 September 2012

Iran Information Control


Our friends have initiated this service to help reporters and investigators examine if a www source is blocked in Iran. We will release dox regarding a company named "DELTA-GLOBAL" that is the major player in Iranian Cyberspace censorship next week. Revelations will show who are these people and how they got into this business in the first place and how much of money is being moved by such activities that do not even work properly as Iranian authorities want due to corruption, stupidity and ignorance. Hail to all Iran-ops Anonz. expect us :)


"IranNuc.ir" is an institution close to MOIS, the Iranian intelligence. Content authors whose names are sometimes published and open are current or former members of MOIS according to our OSINT. The page comments on Iranian Nuclear Chief's revelations of "Sabotage" operation on Power Cables going to Fordo enrichment facility just a couple of hours before IAEA inspectors "Suddenly" asked Iran for an inspection on Fordo. Several press including BBC (Iranian intelligence translates BBC to MI6) and a bunch of Israeli news agencies published information from unknown source that the recent explosion near Fordo was the result of regular investigations by military guards in the area when a "Fake rock-looking Spy Device" been found or touched by them therefore it went into self-destruct mode and made the explosion. These Press, based on similar incidents on Lebanon or based on the insights of their unknown source concluded that it was a Mossad op. 

Now after Dr. Abbasi's speech at Vienna and the above mentioned rumors, IranNuc.ir says "Security" sources who are "informed" have told them that the high power cables of Fordo have been blown up using a hand-made explosive and it was rather a simple attack that was handled properly without incidents inside Fordo, which is confirmed by IAEA. Although we have always observed Iran's willingness to blame foreign services for stuff (no matter true or false), recently two operations have surfaced including the one discussed in this message and another explosion this year at Bigeneh, IRGC's famous missile center that have been dealt with differently. In both cases Iran reacts immediately and call bullshit on the opposite, offering scenarios like accidents or simple hand-made attacks. 

People familiar with intense Security close to physical locations of sensitivity inside Iran tell us this is a childish "Media Handling" by military or intelligence elements who do not have slightest idea how Media works. We conclude that such operations are not simple or "hand-made" scale. Adding it to our background on Iran's complicated political infrastructure and total Darkness nature of intelligence ops of Iran, there is strong possibility of wide inside infight between powerful components in addition to small scale cooperations with foreign services to grab more power. We have seen similar scene in Iran around 10 years ago when reformists versus conservatives war was hard and real, same as it is between different types of conservatives who reach for next Presidential election.