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23 September 2012

Iran Targets US Bases in the Region


In this piece of video IRGC's aerospace force commander makes crucial statement. He is saying we are not going to go to a technical war with our advanced adversary, instead, we have designed specific targeted attacks and scenarios for specific places we would want to hit without hesitation with huge amount of missiles -- then the report shows a test attack with mid range and ballistic missiles on a "one-to-one" size "American" base in Kuwait which its specifies obtained by UAVs and "local posts" and explains how the air defense systems will be evaded with simple targeted techniques instead of huge all purpose arsenals.


The page contains references to Iranian military official quotes that they will hit U.S navy carriers in case of a war using missiles and UAVs. At the end of the page there is a Video taken by some of these UAVs. They get close to U.S carriers and "identify" the model of air planes it is carrying or the planes that take off including F-16s.

Considering Iran does not have stand-alone Satellites to have a reliable C4ISR for wide area wars, including the type of operations that is being discussed -- there are serious questions whether Iran is exploiting U.S. owned satellite communications for its own purposes under cover of commercial or emergency services? U.S. army's C4ISR is highly dependent on services such as the ones offered by ViaSat or Inmarsat and there is absolutely no other remotely comparable infrastructure. Adding the Iranian attack on lockheed martin's "Monster" there are debates within Satellite and ISR production engineers whether Iranians are actually using U.S.'s own "wide area ISR model and technologies" in their attacks?

There are hints given to us that BGAN, the 4th generation of Inmarsat infrastructure, that claims military grade security have been exploited several times recently by Hezbollah operative's in Syria and Russian ISR battleship floating around that same area since many inter-operations between NATO elements and U.S. army is based on BGAN. Public documents are available on Inmarsat's government services site, last I checked. BGAN services are reported accepted and working -- source is a reporter just came back from Tehran's NAM, she broadcast live Video feed using BGAN. We have experiences with Iran that shows when they cannot control or monitor something, they do their best on jamming and disruptions. They are not even officially shy about it anymore. We believe there might be a serious dark hole in U.S.'s infrastructure and least we can certain about it Hezbollah (=Iran) and Russians have the capabilities to exploit these types of holes.


"Farsnews" is one of Iran's semi-official News Agencies that has tight ties with Power elements, including IRGC and MOIS .

The page is reporting IRGC's aerospace commander, General Hajizadeh, said in an interview tonight "We consider American bases as a part of American Soil, not as a part of Qatar -Bahrain and Afghanistan". The interview ends with this statement: "we will attack these bases in case of a war, no doubt".


Iranian official says an in interview that starting from tonight up until undetermined time, Google's services including Gmail will be Filtered in Iran. He added that the decision was made due to huge number of calls people made to remove contents related to recent insults on Prophet Mohammad. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and wordpress were already Filtered in Iran for a couple of years.