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22 September 2012

Undercover Agents in Iran

These links have been aired by Press TV. Iranian national TV or IRIB did not publish all of it due to potential damages to society. I suppose they thought by revealing vast American operation, Iranians may ask how come so many intellectuals accept to work with CIA?

I happen to know that the huge explosion near Qom, last year's winter, which made a lot of headlines was the work of agents in this network. this network with more than 150 members has been dismantled by MOIS, the Ministry of Intelligence Service.


The operation was going on but since there was an infight inside the intelligence, the news leaked. So, judiciary asked how these arrests being made? So the intelligence had to go public and premature announce stuff.

A year later ABC from CIA officers sources confirmed that in Iran and Hezbollah many of their assets has been captured and they are doing a huge investigation to see what really happened.


Iranian Agents sold these items: details of energy network and electric grids, gas monitoring centers etc. How Iran's international airport operate and what is its insecurities from an insider, deals about the finding of oil and gas in Iran with foreign companies.

There is clear faces of American officers in the Clips, plus the cover name and organizations they used. If anybody knows these people, its best first to stay away, and email us the circumstance. People close to this investigations are telling publicly that such screwup happened because of "poor trade craft".



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